What you do in an accident?

Car Accident Vaughan image
Car Accident Vaughan image
what to do after car accident in Vaughan, Ontario

Top 3 important things to do When you involved in a car accident Vaughan.

  1. check for damages. first see if anybody is hurt. if so call 911. if not check for auto damages. if combined damage is over $2000 a police report will be necessary. then call police non emergency line and wait for instruction either to stay or to go to a reporting center in the same city you had the accident at. here is the list of all collision reporting centers in Ontraio
  2. make sure to take all information from the other party before moving or going anywhere. start with car make/model/license and then ask the other driver for insurance and driver license and provide the same.
  3. make sure you covered for towing fees by your insurance. if you fully covered or not at fault, towing will be covered. you can use Vaughan towing services or Vaughan tow truck.  if you have one way insurance and you are at fault make sure to ask about the fees associated with towing.