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We fight traffic tickets and toronto speeding tickets, driving under influence (DUI), demerit driving points in toronto and GTA as well protect driving record from all traffic tickets and traffic charges.

Traffic ticket toronto | speeding ticket toronto info

* 0 to 15   speeding ticket – no loss of points
* 16 to 29 speeding ticket – 3 demerit points
* 30 to 49 speeding ticket – 4 demerit points
* over  50 speeding ticket – 6 demerit points/30 Day suspension

more about speeding over 50KM
Immediate seven-day driver’s license suspension
Immediate seven-day vehicle impoundment
Minimum fine of two thousand ($2000.00) dollars
Maximum fine of ten thousand ($10,000.00) dollars
Drivers license suspension of up to two years
Six (6) demerit points
Second conviction drivers license suspension of up to ten (10) years
Imprisonment for a term of not more that six (6) months
Traffic ticket over 50 KM will increase Insurance

Speeding, Racing and Stunt Driving trials are won on legal technicalities properly presented by a person with a lot of experience and training in traffic court, such as a good paralegal or lawyer. Just going to court and explaining why you may have commented the offence and got a traffic ticket / speeding ticket will not get the charge dismissed.

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